Interior Design Consultation form

Before we get started, there are some important tools you may need to complete the below form. If you’ve been through this process before, use the button below to jump straight to the form

Important tools

Measuring guide/s ref

Designing your room starts with the measurements. We need two types of measurements i.e. 1. of the floor space and 2. of wall area. Read this quick guide to measuring before you start to make sure you include all the details we need.


Diagram 1 - the floor plan

  1. Measure each individual wall, including window openings. Your space could be square, T-shaped or L shaped, as shown.
  2. Mark on where all the windows and doors are as well as which way they open, noting whether they are external or internal doors.
  3. Add in electrical sockets and any existing plumbing as well as fixed objects such as boilers, radiators, or boxed-in pipes.

Diagram 2 - the wall plan

  1. Your new room may have a sloping ceiling or be a room with eaves. Make sure you measure the tallest and shortest heights as well as how far into your room the eaves extend.
  2. Measure between the floor and the bottom part of your windows 
  3. Measure between floor and electrical plug points.
  4. Show size of openings i.e. door height or width and window height or width 
  5. List dimensions of appliances or other items that you want to use in the space and pictures of it.
In case you weren't aware, our interior design services also come as a virtual e-offering which you can find on our website here: www. Interior Design Packages

Part 1: Household information

i.e. a growing family?
Please provide us with the names of the members of your household and what needs they have for space, work, study or special needs. Please include ages of each child.
(i.e. leaving for college, retirement, etc.)
Check any that apply

Part 2: Lifestyle


e.g. watch TV, play cards etc.




i.e. art pieces etc


Part 3: Project information

Selected Value: 0
1 = very involved (Call you with details and updates daily or weekly) 2 = involved – KPSID to act as project manager (Keep you updated with install dates, deliveries, work schedule etc.) 3 = minimally involved (don’t call until everything is ready to install)

Part 4: Design Preferences

Prioritize the following personal design goals for your home from 1-3, with 1 being your most important quality.

Selected Value: 0
Selected Value: 0
Selected Value: 0

The following questions are designed to provide us with a general description of your likes and dislikes regarding your personal style:

(Check all that apply)
(Check all that apply)
(Check all that apply)
i.e. block-outs, lace etc.